Often because of low budget many of us used to get a pirated copy of Windows instead of a Genuine one. Pirated version causes many update problems and lack of support etc etc. Here we have a few steps by following it you can turn your Pirated Windows 7 copy into a Windows 7 Genuine copy.

Note: We do not encourage piracy.

Making Windows 7 Genuine:

First of all you have to go to start menu and type Command Prompt there now right click on “Command Prompt” and run it as administrator.

The Next Step is which you have to do is type SLMGR -REARM in “Command Prompt”. Make sure to press space after typing SLMGR other wise it will fail.

Make windows 7 genuine

Now press “Enter” and you will get this Dialogue box.

windows 7 genuine restart

After getting this Dialogue box, save all your work immediately and then restart your PC.

When you have restarted your PC, Hurray! its now Genuine. You have simply turned your pirated Windows 7 Copy into a Windows 7 Genuine copy.

To verify it you can go to “Computer Properties” and there you will see this (see screenshot for better chunk of explanation).

Windows 7 Genuine

You will notice the “Microsoft Genuine Logo” will be there which was not there previously indicating now you have turned a pirated copy of Windows 7 to a Windows 7 Genuine copy.


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