As was promised  a week ago, 2K Games has the trailer for the expected revelation third installment of one of the most acclaimed series in the industry.

Mafia 3 will introduce a new approach in the history of Italian mobsters, with a new hero, Lincoln Clay, returning from the Vietnam War to New Orleans in 1968, where he is left with nothing, leading him to decide to fight the mob.

Mafia 3 will arrive in 2016 for PC and Next-Gen consoles – First Screenshots and Trailer; Gameplay Video


At the end of the trailer we can see their companions to serve as lieutenants in the crusade of Lincoln, which we reward with their own territories and settlements, which can end up being a double-edged sword.

According to 2k Games, there isn’t much to handle on to starting now, but since of past clues, it can be said with sureness that Mafia 3 is in reality being developed, and its open uncover is inexorable. Mafia 2’s narrative and gameplay surely does support a sequel release.


Mafia 3 will arrive next generation consoles and our PC, sometime next year.