October 7, the day on which Mafia 3 will see its release on PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So what to expect from this new edition of the classic gangster series in terms of story and gameplay mechanics? These are the questions and we gave an exhaustive answer (pre-release build of the game). You might lose the understanding of this stream of information, so we decided to organize the most important facts about the expected production from Hangar 13 studio.

Mafia 3 Preview: Things You Need To Know About Story and Gameplay

Mafia 3 Screenshots

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Hero, Story And Place Of Action

  • Name: Lincoln Clay. Occupation: Veteran of the Vietnam War who returned home. Objective: To deal with all those who in the past came in his way. To do this, Clay will benefit from the support of Cassandra and Vito Scaletta (the protagonist of Mafia II) and, which in turn will seek to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of his friend, Joe.
  • The game is set in the fictional city of New Bordeaux modeled on the cradle of one of the oldest mafia syndicates – Developers faithfully recreated all major metropolitan locations, including, for example, the French Quarter, a muddy suburban area and also the landscape of Louisiana are filled with alligators.
  • Mafia 3 is an open world game so you can explore many bars, service stations or garages in the game.
  • The story is told from many perspectives – the story of Lincoln is factored testimony presented by his friends and enemies, which introduces a production narrative environment.
  • Clay, as African American could not avoid racism. Manifestations of racial hatred are in the game and related to the general climate of the game.

mafia 3


Objectives Of The Game

  • Conquer New Bordeaux – The city is divided into districts, where the player needs to take control by doing specific tasks.
  • Bosses individual districts can be eliminated (by an immediate injection of cash) or spared (which can be called “long-term investment”). But before that happens, Clay must knock out a horde of security guards guarding their boss.
  • The player can also give acquired districts to the Lincoln family members (for example, Vito or Cassandra) and in return they will offer special favors. Your associates can betray you if they don’t think you’re treating them well.
  • Favors deals with the main character include lowering the interest level of the police, calling meals or send me a courier.
  • Districts provide access to many activities – can be involved in both the interrogation of minor thugs and killing of street dealers, as well as the destruction of the boat with drugs or searching through safes local mafia bosses.


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Gameplay Mechanics

  • In the game you can complete tasks with stealth mode too. In the Stealth mode player can hide behind shields, silent executions, whistling to summon opponents, or adding a silencer to the gun.
  • The police will not chase for players, if all the witnesses of a crime committed by Lincoln will be eliminated.
  • Lincoln can carry a two-handed rifle, one pistol, grenades and injections of adrenaline.
  • Return of a GPS system, marking a route not only on the mini-map, but also by displaying “3D signs” directly on the road.
  • Radio fills with more than 100 licensed tracks, and many dramas referring to events and culture of the United States.

For those who are curious about Mafia 3’s graphics options, here are the general settings from the demo build: depth of field, FOV slider, V-sync, ambient occlusion, motion blur, geometry detail, antialiasing, reflection quality, shadow quality, volumetric effects.