As of now, you all might be aware that the sequel to Mafia 2,  “Mafia 3” has finally come. The games developer, 2k Games and Hangar 13 had promised that it would be a game where you could actually change the whole world and that it would be a game that gamers will not regret buying.

However, it was no where near satisfactory for PC gamers, as it consisted of all kinds of bugs, including being locked @30 FPS and most of all terrible graphics (low-resolution textures). Anyhow, a couple of days after the game’s release, the developers finally released a new patch that fixed minor bugs and unlocked Framerate. In spite of their efforts some problems still persist, but the developers have said that they will definitely improve the game with the releases of new patches on a regular basis.

Even after that patch many users complained that the graphics of the game itself were hideous and had many texture issues. Those of you who complained about them will be glad to know that the Graphics have improved massively all thanks to a new ReShade mod. ReShade has been around for a while now and it’s been on a streak for improving graphics by a huge margin and hereby once again it ends up winning our hearts. This mod completely alters the color combination and gives the game a whole new look all of that only in 23 MB!

Below, you will find some screenshots captured at resolution 4K, with max settings and anti aliasing. As you can see, this mod has given the game an absolutely spectacular look, and has transformed it from gray to great. It mainly darkens the color, and increases the shadow intensity, but such a little change has made a massive difference. Interested folks can download Nyclix’s Offical Colour Correction / Blur from this link and below you can see Mafia 3 graphics comparison screenshots:









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