Mafia 3, a new action, crime entry to the famous series from 2K Games gets a new ‘live-action’ trailer entitled as Death Suits You.

The new trailer showcases plenty of action and the dangers and consequences of the life of a person involved in the mafia. It showcases game’s protagonist Lincoln Clay and the wife of a mafia boss who was apparently killed by the main character for his revenge. Have a look into the new Death Suits You trailer below;

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The new game features a new protagonist named as Lincoln Clay, a veteran who returns to his city New Bordeaux, (fictional New Orleans) in 1968 from the Vietnam war. Lincoln decides to take on the Italian mob for the revenge of his family by creating his own gang and regaining the streets from the control of the Mafia.

Two days ago, the developer released a new trailer that highlighted the life and history of the protagonist Lincoln Clay and the reasons behind his revenge. Mafia 3 is set for release on October 7th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more updates!