According to CNN, the trade war between the United States and China will cause the prices of 279 products to increase by up to 25% from August 23, due to a new tariff imposed by the Donald Trump government.

This basically covers all the PC hardware and since most of the components come from the US, but are manufactured in China, this will inevitably affect all the countries that import them.

A component with a cost of $ 100 upon arrival in the United States could be inflated to $ 125 before federal and state taxes are applied, not to mention the costs of the rest of the supply chain, retailers and their margins. It may seem like little money, but with an EVGA GTX 1080 Ti as an example, it would cost 729 to 911 dollars.

Products imported from Taiwan (ROC), South Korea, Japan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia will not suffer such 25% tariff. So it would not be surprising that companies that manufacture products in Taiwan, like Gigabyte or MSI (although to a lesser extent and second level products) they are benefited allowing offering some similar products at a much lower price, or take advantage of this new law to move their production chains.

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