Thanks to Candyland and Digital Foundry today we will show you a graphical comparison of the latest release of Avalanche Studios, we are talking about the Mad Max, which is comparable in its PC version, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One plus the comparison will reveal that which of the next generation console is leading in terms of frames per second.

Mad Max Graphics and Performance Comparison: PC Vs Xbox One Vs PS4

The console version reaches a resolution of Full HD, but limited to 30 FPS.


Then we have a comparison of PlayStation 4 version in front of the Xbox One and the PC, and as we advance a few days ago, the graphics quality of Mad Max in Ultra is nothing striking, the game can be fluid, and It must be so, because the graphic quality is the same as we see in console, the only difference being able to reach the 60 FPS.


If you look the console version closely, both consoles come at a very solid 30 FPS, not bad considering that both versions are absolutely identical.

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