Mad Catz(LINK) is one of the most interesting artists of pointing devices, mostly we mean giant gaming mouse with the RAT series that stand out from the competition unique design and materials rarely encountered in rodents. For quite a large cluster containing a few models joins the company’s latest child, or RATTE. Too complicated name with several dots lies really full sounding designation: RAT Tournament Edition. As you can guess, the producer this time addressing their design for tournament players who need high strength and reliability. In previous models, we observed a metal frame holding all other elements at bay, but here probably will not experience such a structure due to the relatively low weight of the product only 90 grams.

MAD CATZ RAT Tournament Edition

MAD CATZ RAT Tournament Edition

Mouse, MAD CATZ RAT Tournament Edition uses Omron switches on the two main keys, while the sides and in the middle of yet deployed additional programmable buttons. The heart of the unit is a laser sensor with a resolution of PTE from 100 dpi to 8200 dpi adjustable at 25 DPI – sampling frequency is 1000 Hz standard. The mouse has an adjustable LOD (head) of 0.2 to 1 millimeter, and automatic detection of surface. On the left is an indicator of the selected profile, which depending on the configuration of lights in red, blue or purple. Suggested retail price MAD CATZ RAT Tournament Edition is $129.99.

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