Logitech's new line of high-end Wheels force feedback for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 3 and Playstation 4.

The new G920 is specifically designed for Xbox One and can also be used in PC through the Logitech Gaming Software. It has two engines to produce effects of force and vibration, and is built with robust materials for long life. It is wrapped in leather and feature stainless steel bushings on the shaft of the steering wheel and pedals. To prevent noise and generate a more realistic simulation, the rotational movements transmitted by using helical gears, similar to those used in boxes of the actual vehicle direction. As it should, it has a total rotation of 900 ° and can be supplemented with the lever 6-speed Driving Force.

Logitech announces Force Feedback Racing Wheels for PC and ConsolesGamin

But the star of the ad is the successor to the exceptional and G27, the new G29 eternal, which was originally designed for consoles of Sony, and year-end hit our platform. Features similar to the G920 technical characteristics, but incorporate many options of digital controls applied to the entire wheel. Incorporates an LED bar for knowing when to pass the marches, a dial selection of 24 points, +/- buttons to access different menus, and buttons set the standard Playstation.

Both Wheels will be launched with an estimated value of $ 400. Both will be available from October this year for PC, although the G29 will be released next month for consoles from Sony.

Logitec G920