Being purportedly unmasked by Anonymous hasn’t backed Lizard Squad off, as just after a day the group has proclaimed a paid administration for anybody looking to DDOS a site or a networking system, paying little heed to the reason. Lizard Squad says its cyber assaults on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, which appeared without reason, were simply promoting for this new rental botnet.

Lizard Stresser Just Pay And Take Down Any Web Service For Straight 20 Days:

The Lizard Squad has propelled an item, which it calls “Lizard Stresser,” on Tuesday morning via Twitter. Any client eager to pay for access to the Lizard Stresser can, as indicated by Lizard Squad, render a target site, or whole networking system unavailable until the cyber assault is called off.

Well what is the fee or cost for the program called Lizard Stresser? As per screenshots leaked by Daily Dot fee varies from $6 to as much as $500, depends upon the target. The most elite level of service by Lizard Stresser purportedly lets clients launch cyber assaults that will make a target blocked off for about straight twenty days. Well not a bad deal at all if it works. The biggest question arises is “Will Lizard Stresser Works” ? we have saw if Kim Dotcom wasn’t involved Sony and Microsoft was not able to fix everything up. Rental botnets are nothing but the same old thing new, and like all illicit and illegal services they have a scrappy notoriety. A cyber assault as monstrous as that offered by Lizard Squad would be difficult to deflect, however, so the world ought to know whether the service works as advertised in short order.

It seems that new era of Cyber assaults is going to happen. Let us see what happens next.

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