If we talk about one of the best cinematic game then actual films, many people see Limbo at first. This is a story of a young boy who just wakes in the heart of the forest. He starts traveling from the edge of the hell without any reason or clue that how he got there or what he’s been sent to do.  Now the latest leaked give us a hint that an XBox One version of the game might be coming soon. Well, for now this news is a rumor so take it with the pinch of salt.

Limbo for Xbox One is Coming? Rated by Korean Board


This leak is coming from the Korean Rating and Administration Committee. Where their website has listed the game. According to the committee the game is still in the pending list and they will add more details very soon. Well, still there is a hope that Limbo will make its entry for XBox One. If the game will release for XBox One then there should be the Cross buy option for the XBox 360 Console.

If we talk about the achievements of this game. In 2010 Limbo was in the list of Top 10 Games, the list we generated by several publications and Imagine Games Network. Limbo was also the thrid highest selling game on Xbox Live Arcade within just a year of its release. In the list of top best games for Xbox Live Arcade, Limbo is smiling at 3rd place.

So if the Xbox One version of limbo is coming, would you be getting it?