As per the Cupertino organization behind it, Apple Pay is going to help change the way we pay for products and services, however, another overview proposes its having generally the same number of right on time issues as the other mobile payment services available.

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A study by Phoenix Marketing International found that 47 percent of clients had attempted to make a purchase in a retail location mentioned by Apple Pay compatible, just to discover the service  wasn’t set up or wasn’t working accurately. By and by, an amazing 66 percent of iPhone 6 clients have signed up for Apple Pay.

“Two-out-of-three Apple Pay users have reported a problem at checkout — mostly related to terminals not working or taking too long to make the transaction, inaccurate posting of transactions and the inability of cashiers to help buyers who needed assistance in using Apple Pay,” said Phoenix Senior Vice President Leon Majors.

“Even though Apple Pay users generally give the scheme high marks and 23 percent expect to significantly increase use over the next 3 months, problems at check-out are downgrading transaction potential…  in the last four months, 48 percent of users have paid with Apple Pay just one time and that’s not going to cut it.”

The issues Apple Pay clients are encountering are not out of the ordinary from any new innovation in its initial stages, yet Apple will be trusting these issues are straightened out as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. One terrible involvement with Apple Pay and clients are liable to change back to their trusty charge and Mastercards next time around.

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Phoenix addresses 3,000 clients for its overview, 350 of whom had joined to utilize Apple Pay on their iPhone. The main three retailers where in-store purchasing have been made with Apple Pay are the Apple Store, McDonald’s and Macy’s, as per a report from Ars Technica.

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