Apple earns millions of euros each month only with its line of iPhone devices, but so far, the company had never reported on what they did with discontinued devices. What happens when these iPhone come to an end? Well, we now know that all of them pass to the Liam, it is a Robot with 29 arms built with a single sensor, disassemble the old iPhones at lightning fast speed.

Liam: The Robot Designed To Disassemble Old Apple iPhones

While some steps in building an iPhone make ​​by machines, but most installations of equipment are done by humans, but when it comes to disassembling the things are completely opposite, only Liam handles the device, remove the chassis and separate each component. Each component goes to its conveyor and to make it even more difficult, always the same parts of the same model are gathered, all thanks to a camera that scans the device to find out which model it is. Nothing is left untapped, since even the screws are collected so they can use it in the new device.

As indicated by Apple, Liam is able to dismantle 350 iPhones per hour (1.2 million devices per year) thanks to its multitasking capability. This painstaking work generates benefits to the company, since recovering useful materials and high value such as gold, copper, cobalt and other minerals that makes up a phone. These materials can be sold or reused to form new models also significantly saving costs to the company.

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