After the last year battle of smartphones, I believe in 2015 flagship phone battle will become more powerful. For example, LG’s new flagship LG G4 will use the (near) 3K screen resolution of up to 2880×1620, PPI reached 600!


The folks on mylgphones spread the news that LG’s new phone Codenamed LG-VS999, which is said to be the model for the LG G4 Verizon version. The Code shows that it will have a super-high-definition screen, the screen resolution of 2880×1660, according to G4 will feature 5.5-inch screen size, the PPI will reach 600 ultra-fine display accuracy.


On the other hand, G4 screen has a 2880×1660 resolution screen is also published by Hardware forum. So now the question is, LG G4 – When did the elite flagship will debut in the market?  Barring unforeseen circumstances should be at the launch of the second quarter of this year, probably will use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810, there may be more NB design, perhaps…

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