After the last year battle of smartphones, I believe in 2015 flagship phone battle will become more powerful. For example, LG’s new flagship LG G4 will use the (near) 3K screen resolution of up to 2880×1620, PPI reached 600!


The folks on mylgphones spread the news that LG’s new phone Codenamed LG-VS999, which is said to be the model for the LG G4 Verizon version. The Code shows that it will have a super-high-definition screen, the screen resolution of 2880×1660, according to G4 will feature 5.5-inch screen size, the PPI will reach 600 ultra-fine display accuracy.


On the other hand, G4 screen has a 2880×1660 resolution screen is also published by Hardware forum. So now the question is, LG G4 – When did the elite flagship will debut in the market?  Barring unforeseen circumstances should be at the launch of the second quarter of this year, probably will use Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 810, there may be more NB design, perhaps…

  • GTXBilal

    Seriously ? huh battery drain like never before.

    • If the processor would based on new Process node then battery timining will not be the problem.

      • GTXBilal

        But remember LG G3 what happened they decreased brightness and contrast even 1440p was shit and the snapdragon 800 chipset was unable to give power to G3 on that resolution. Yeah snapdragon 810 seems much better but for sure not new node yet and 3k is too much even for some desktop GPUs. Heavy applications including games such as Dead trigger 2, Nova 3 or modern combat 5 will make it to weep. And it doesnt make much sense increasing resolution and decreasing brightness+contrast to save battery tee hee!. 1080p is enough.

        • Snapdragon 801 used in G3 was based on 28nm HPm so there is no point beating the dead horse. Snapdragon 810 is based on 20nm process node + memory interface has also been changed to LPDDR4. So in terms of performance, we will see the boost with low power consumption. Lower power consumption will lead G4 to focus on Brightness and other issues.
          Plot Twist: Snapdragon 810 is suffering from heating issues and no mass production has begun so maybe New LG flagship will feature something else.

          • GTXBilal

            tee hee! may be exynox ahhaahahha