With the relaxed declaration of the Sony Xperia Z4 prior this month, LG’s dispatch of the G4 today denote the evident end of the current year’s Android lead overhaul cycle. The Smartphone’s release wasn’t an astonishment either, with the LG G4 has been yet another lead being overwhelmed by holes before its launch. Indeed, such eager were leaks to take place, that simply a few hours back the LG G4 leaked with its retail box, permitting us to examine what we ought to be anticipating. All things considered, you’re not going to need to hold up any more as the LG G4 is here, and underneath you can examine what the gadget brings to the table, formally.

LG G4 Launched With Snapdragon 808 and 16 MP Rear Camera


LG’s Frank Lee guaranteed that the LG G4 is composed in view of the end users and plans to make a Smartphone that makes a special experience. As indicated by Lee, the LG G4’s slim arc design gives the smartphone better strength as well as takes after ergonomics also. Cowhide won’t be the main material the G4’s accompanying either. The gadget will likewise be accessible in ceramic and metal to indulge everybody’s necessities.

Back cam is a highlight that we’ve heard for a long time on the LG G4. The gadget accompanies a back cam of 16 MP and f/1.8 aperture size. LG’s laser focus and Quick shot, that permits you to take a photo by just tapping on the G4’s back catch. OIS 2.0 additionally performs better than the G3 with an extra Z-axis being included. The gadget will likewise be accompanying a sensible battery of 3000 mAh, guaranteeing that your energy needs are met sufficiently.


A shading range sensor on the G4’s back additionally brings about a superior comprehension of light catch by the gadget, making the G4 the world’s first cell phone with this highlight. Furthermore, not just will you have the capacity to control shade speed for periods the length of 15 seconds with the G4, yet you’ll additionally have the capacity to spare your pictures in RAW format, taking into account a more prominent control on photos. LG’s paid a considerable amount of consideration on the cam for the G4, building further on the qualities of the G3. The enhanced UX 4.0 on the G4 considers a course of events perspective of photos taken.

At the same time, that is not the principle center of the G4. It would appear that all the gossipy tidbits about the gadget having discarded the Snapdragon 810 and depending on the Snapdragon 808 are valid. The Snapdragon 808, as indicated by Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm accompanies 4K video support and super fast LTE courtesy of XLTE. The Snapdragon 808 is Qualcomm’s hexa center processor, accompanying four Cortex A53 and two Cortex A57 Cores, and is Qulacomm’s second top chipset after the scandalous Snapdragon 810.


The LG G4 additionally accompanies a 5.5 inch Quantum IPS show with a determination of 2560 x 1440, which as per the organization required the organization some push to greatness. The Quantum IPS on the G4 is a change over the G3, and takes into consideration up to 20% enhanced shading generation on the G4. It takes into account a 1500:1 differentiation proportion. LG hasn’t baffled with the G4’s dispatch today, with the center having been paid on about every part of the cell phone that matters. LG’s additionally collaborated with Google to offer an additional 100 GB of Google Drive space for LG G4 users, verifying you never use up space. That is all from LG’s G4 release today folks. Tell us what you think about today’s launch.

Pictures Courtesy: Phonearena

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