Today @evleaks published “spy” photos of the prototype Smartphone LG L24 isai, designed for the Japanese mobile operator KDDI. Announcement of new products, expected to be held on May 1.

LG L24 isai Exposure: The design of LG G3 will be similar

Despite the fact that LG L24 isai, apparently, will be available only in Japan, the device can still be of interest to other users because of its design can be the same as that of the future flagship Smartphone LG G3.

LG L24 isai
LG L24 isai

The main feature of the external appearance of LG L24 isai is the thinnest frame, bordering the display. Information about the Smartphone is still extremely stingy, so can only assume that the diagonal of its screen is at least 5.5 “and used it in Quad-core processor.

Additionally, LG L24 isai will be endowed with a powerful camera, most likely with 13-megapixel. However, the unit has no front camera. Also of note the LG L24 Support 4G (judging from the screenshot).

The Smartphone runs Android 4.4 (KitKat). Other specifications of LG L24 isai, apparently will be announced closer to the date of the announcement.

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