LeTV has announced that it has sold 1 million smartphones in 3 months time, so they are becoming the popular brand in China among the Meizu and Xiaomi, not bad for a brand that was released a few months ago and with only 3 devices for sale and the numbers are showcasing that devices under their name are pretty good in terms of performance, quality and power, which has led LeTV to be the fastest growing OEM manufacturer in China.

LeTV Sold more than1 Million Smartphones in three months


Thanks to LeMall.com (official site), we know that the company sold 20,000 units of its LeTV LE Max in just 21 seconds, while LeTV One 50,000 unit sold in less than 1 minute, specifically in 53 seconds. Certainly it is very good news for both the brand and the user as we always welcome high quality brand that comes to animate the market with competitive devices.