Chinese company Lenovo recently at the Tech World Conference held in San Francisco proposed “smart shoes“, i.e, a type of smart sports shoes.

Lenovo Plans To Make Smart Shoes


This type of “Smart shoes” will be manufactured by the Italian manufacturer Vibram and will literally run on an Intel Curie wearable chip. The Lenovo smart sports shoes act as a typical fitness tracker stuff offering pedometer and calorie tracker, also having numerous motion trackers, an accelerometer and a gyroscope. However, no heart rate monitors because of their position they would not get an accurate reading.

The Lenovo smart shoes will have customizable 3D templates printed with LED lights at the bottom and with a built -in battery. It can be charged wirelessly simply by placing it above a charging panel. The battery life may vary depending on the activity, keeping up to ten days with normal use only if done 10 hours running or some kind of more intense activity.

By the time the Lenovo smart shoes are not much more than a concept project and possibly it will take some time before arriving in stores. The company still has not provided information about a possible price or release date, although some rumors suggest that they could be on sale if the tests are successful, by the end of this year.

Via: Fudzilla

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