IGN and TT Games bring us the first gameplay video of the new entry in LEGO video game, which this time will be based on the new Star Wars movie. We will play with King, Finn, Poe, BB-8, Kylo Ren, Han Solo and the rest of your favorite characters from the movie.

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens – First Gameplay Video

Watch eight minutes of footage below:

LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of force, players relive the epic action film from the LEGO witty point of view. The game will also include exclusive content to play, covering the period between the stories of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Awakening of force.

LEGO Star Wars: The Awakening of force also introduces multi-constructions and blaster battles in the LEGO universe. With multi-constructions, you can use LEGO bricks to break new ground and then dismantle them, build them back and open another. During blaster battles, use the environment as cover against the First Order.

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