Intel’s 7th generation Kaby Lake CPUs specifications have been leaked. From the whole lineup we can see some CPUs with high frequencies and Thermal Power Design up to 95W. The new CPUs offer native support for several existing technologies such as USB 3.1, HDCP 2.2 and Thunderbolt 3. Intel aim is to launch “optimized CPU” so new CPUs will be based on the technologies which are already introduced in Broadwell and Skylake.

Leaked Specifications of Intel Kaby Lake CPUs


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If we talk about Intel 6th Generation Skylake, max processor TDP is 91W. This means that the new generation processor will consume a little more power at max load, that’s why we can see flagship CPUs with increased clock frequencies. Unfortunately the table doesn’t state the boost clock speeds. But we can assume that Core i7 7700K will boost as high as 4.5GHz.

Kaby Lake is the first Intel CPU to break the ‘tick-tock’ cycle. Looking ahead, each manufacturing process of Intel will have three cycles to get the maximum performance of each process node in the future. The Intel Kaby Lake will be the third and final 14nm chip, then in 2017, Intel will make the jump to 10nm with Canonlake.

The Intel Kaby Lake will be launched with the new Surface tablets in early 2017. Initially, Cannon Lake, a successor to Kaby Lake, was scheduled to launch this year. But Intel changed its mind and went on with Kaby Lake, pushing the 10nm-based Cannon Lake for 2017.

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