Including a look at its both front and back , Samsung allegedly showed its upcoming device, Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Leaked Detailed Images Of Samsung Galaxy Note 4




untitled This device seems to have a quiote different look as compared to its former ones. instead of adopting plastic frame, it seems that Samsung has adopted a metal one.  and also there is a leather like finish at the back. Here are some leaked images of this much awaited device. As we can see the front part is quite similar to its predecessor Note 3 , the sides and the back portion is different though.






From the rumors , we’ve got a very little information so far. The display that the device will feature will be around  5.7 inch with a resolution of  2560 x 1440 QHD. The rear camera has got an addition of flash and a heart-rate monitor. Rumors say that there will be a UV sensor at the back of this device thought it ain’t confirmed yet. The somewhat plastic like inlay at the side frame points the rumors of the side-frame being metallic.







Along with a speaker grille at the bottom , there’s also a microUSB 3.0 port. As expected, we can see a slot there for  S penThere ain’t any confirmed date for the device to get officially announced but according to some reports , it will be officially announced on september 3.


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