A previous Facebook worker, who was sacked in 2013, is suing the online networking goliath for sexual harassment, sex provocation, race segregation, and purposeful punishment of emotional misery, among different groups.

Chia Hong asserted that the US-based organization had an “hostile work environment” where she was disparaged, requested to arrange gatherings and serve beverages to male partners, and inquired as to why she didn’t simply deal with her baby, reported The Verge.

Hong fought that she was segregated for being a lady as well as for being a Taiwanese and that she was supplanted by a “less qualified, lower experienced Indian male.”

She worked at the organization for over three years, first as an item chief and after that as an innovation accomplice in account. She was terminated on October 17, 2013.

The lawsuit named different litigants other than Facebook, including Anil Wilson and John Does.

A Facebook representative remarked on the issue by saying that the organization worked to a great degree difficult to deliver issues identified with differing qualities, sexual orientation and fairness, and included that it trusted it had gained ground.

The representative further included that the organization had substantive contradictions on the realities relating to the case and accepted that the record demonstrated the worker was dealt with decently.”

The lawsuit was recorded on Monday in San Mateo Superior Court.

Hong is being spoken to by Lawless & Lawless, one of two law offices as of now speaking to Ellen Pao in her sex segregation suit against the Silicon Valley funding firm.

Hong is requesting corrective harms.


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