We have been informing you about a new game from Gears of Wars designer Cliff Bleszinski. The expected name was something as The Shattering or Project BlueStreak but the game’s name is also revealed today during the games official unveiling. The name of upcoming game is “LawBreakers”, developed by Boss Key Productions.

The game is set in future world, which has is seen like after war city.  Its because of the destruction of the moon. It was called as The Shattering. The world’s gravity has been changed after destruction and with the advanced technology, the people can change and manipulate gravity. The designer calls it, “new FPS that’s all about skill, not streaks,“. Check out the announcement trailer below:


According to the developer, the game is based on three main pillars. These are, “gangs, guns, and gravity”. The game is set in the year 2105 and focused on cops vs criminals, inclusive of multiplayer mode of 5vs5. As mentioned, both will have “tons of guns” and the game will be free-to-play. Cliff Bleszinski stated, “You won’t want to be on the ground.” as the ground will be like ‘Lava’ and players will have to protect themselves with their powers or skills.

LawBreakers is scheduled for release at sometime in 2016. First gameplay trailer will be released on Friday. Stay tuned for more!

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