After teasing the game from so many days, Cliff Bleszinski’s upcoming Sci-Fi Shooter LawBreakers gets its first gameplay trailer today. LawBreakers is a new free-to-play multiplayer shooter releasing next year for PC exclusively.

The game is under development by Boss Key Productions and is often referred as ‘Project BlueStreak’. Its mainly focused on 5 on 5 cops vs criminal where characters are bestowed some extra qualities and they will do their best to fight against each other. Have a look at the gameplay trailer below:


The description adds, “new FPS that’s all about skill, not streaks. Which side will you fight for — LAW or BREAKERS?”

According to the creator, the players will have to do everything they can in order to stay away from the ground. In the year 2105, gravity is not the same as it was before the destruction and now players can even manipulate gravity by their own. In this trailer, 4 new characters are introduced and these are: Kitsune, Maverick, Breacher, and Cronos.

The game will be released in 2016 for PC, while no confirmation is made for the consoles, although the Boss Key Productions Chief Cliff Bleszinski has asked from console gamers to “hit up Sony and Microsoft” if they it like. Maybe they have plans to announce it in coming months or so. Stay tuned for more updates!