A bad start to the week for NVIDIA as the launch of its new drivers GeForce 364.47 WHQL cause several problems and it seems like new 364.51 beta drivers which was released last night to rescue also causing a wide range of serious issues as per reported on the official forum and several websites. Some of the major problems include failing to boot, crashes, BSOD, infinite restarts, freezes, visual corruption to damaging, impossibility to turn-on a multi-monitor configurations and burning out graphics cards.

With the release of the GeForce 364.51 Beta NVIDIA promised to solve the problem while continuing to maintain the advantages of the above drivers to offer full compatibility with recently released games. But, NVIDIA forum is again a hotbed of criticism as new drivers are giving same problems. The GeForce 364.47 WHQL removed from the web, now complaints have less weight because these new drivers are listed as Beta  and you can say that these are unsigned drivers.

Latest NVIDIA GeForce 364.51 Beta Drivers May Damage Your PC


As we can see in the forum, many users forced to reformat their computers, we have all kinds of configurations, users with GeForce GTX 660 , GeForce GTX 670 , GTX 680 in SLI or a single GTX 980 Ti, they all share a common problem that when they start computer at first it showcase black screen, and for some these new drivers brings a big loss of performance in games.

We have received reports of some users having issues installing today’s Game Ready Driver. Initial investigation suggests the issue is isolated to multiple-monitor configurations.
Should you experience issues, you can either disconnect one monitor during the driver installation (and reconnect once completed) or you can uninstall the driver through Windows Safe-Mode and revert to a previous version. Our driver team is actively investigating the issue and we will have more information shortly.

Most of these users even installed the another operating system version, but the problem still exists, so if you thought to update, or have already upgraded, it will be better and safe if you return to the last known stable drivers, GeForce 362.00 WHQL.

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