In recent years, the people who run Las Vegas have made a conscious decision to bring big time sport back to the Nevada Desert. It’s an attempt to breathe new life into the strip with fanatical team supporters flocking to the city’s bright lights.

This has recently culminated with the NFL Raiders franchise moving to Sin City as well as the Vegas Golden Knights NHL franchise. 

Esports have very much been included in this drive to attract fans and talent from all over the world, with a state of the art Esports arena recently being created in the Luxor as well as many other Esports venues opening their doors. So why is Vegas becoming the go-to place for Esports aficionados and what does the city have in store for gamers in the future?

Proximity to Silicon Valley is Key

Las Vegas isn’t just a destination for bachelor parties and hedonistic activities but has also become a key trade hotspot over the years thanks mainly to the multiple trade shows and conferences it holds throughout the year.

The CES Trade Show and the Esports Business Summit are certainly two of the main reasons for putting Las Vegas on the tech and e-gaming map, with the latter drawing many of video gaming’s big hitters, who take the short flight from Silicon Valley to come and spread the good Esports word and collaborate with their peers.

Esports is a large part of how Las Vegas plans to reinvent itself

New Venues to Both Spectate and Play In

The unveiling of the Hyper Esports Arena in the Luxor was a watershed moment for Esports in Las Vegas, with the new facility set across 30,000 square feet and even boasting a video game themed cocktail bar. It has become the focal point of e-gaming on the strip and promises to grow in popularity as it hosts more and more tournaments and events.

The Hyper Arena aside there are a whole host of other Esports venues in the city too, with some of the best including GameWorks and The Dojo Esports Training Ground. More are sure to follow.

Gamers from all around the world are congregating in the Nevada Desert

Las Vegas Natives Have Their Own Team to Root For

When you’re looking to push a new sport in a region, it often helps if there’s a local team for fans and the surrounding community to get behind. Luckily for Las Vegas natives they have just that in Simplicity, an Esports team who compete in Apex Legends, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Mortal Kombat and Overwatch. Indeed, if you find yourself in Vegas, Simplicity can even be wagered on via the mobile sportsbooks, all scrambling to get a piece of the Esports action.

Owned by the same man who helps run the Memphis Grizzlies and Swansea City soccer club in the UK, this is one team to keep an eye on in the future.

Why Vegas Fits the Bill for Esports Fans and Players Alike

The great thing about Las Vegas these days is its versatility; it’s surrounded by the natural beauty of the Red Rock Canyon whilst also offering every variety of cuisine and entertainment you could ever imagine. This is perfect for the Esports community, who need a venue flexible enough to cater to tournaments finishing late at night and the victors require places to let their hair down.

With all this in mind it surely is only a matter of time before one of the huge Esports tournaments touches down in Sin City. If more of the strip’s biggest resorts begin following the Luxor’s lead in committing valuable floor space to Esports, then that process should only accelerate.