During the third edition of the conference Modern Director – mobility, security, innovation in Ożarów Mazowiecki, held in March, the company Sony unveiled L3D Space View. It is a new advanced solution for viewing 3D objects, which are like at your fingertips.


L3D Space View constructed from two perpendicular to each placed 55-inch Sony Bravia monitors FWD-55X8600P, control computer, an external optical tracking system and specially designed software. Wearing the 3D glasses, this system presents the user to visualize 3D objects.

L3D Space View allows the user to interact with the spatial image in a virtual environment graphics engine. Thanks to the system while the prospect of tracking 3D image is adjusted according to the user’s head position angle. In future they will also  increase the comfort while viewing.

“The illusion of the brain matter on the bottom screen projection aroused a lot of emotions and provoke discussions on the use of this approach in the teaching process” – boasts Sony. What do you think about such technology?

Source: Sony

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