Regardless of what easily transportable battery charger you check out , all of them typically implement batteries. Kraftwerk is here to transform that concept on its old melon. It utilizes lighter liquid to re-charge your smartphone instead. Absolutely no, this is simply not a joke.

Rather than a battery-cell, Kraftwerk opts for a fuel cell platform. To explain, it actually works by filling up it with either regular camping gas or even lighter fuel. It barely requires 3 secs to refuel the charger when you’ve consumed the fuel. Due to its fuel cell setup, Kraftwerk evades the principal disadvantage of portable battery chargers : battery charge degeneration. Obviously, given that its a fuel cell setup, safety measures is, not surprisingly, a significant issue. Nevertheless, it’s it seems that secure enough to be FDA-approved you can actually keep it in carry-on luggage as you go on a flight.

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Kraftwerk can possess around 40g of fuel, however the unit by itself weighs in at 160g. With a 40g gas, Kraftwerk can easily recharge an iPhone 11 times. Sadly, you’ll only locate one USB dock on Kraftwerk. What’s still unspecified is how rapidly Kraftwerk can recharge devices.

Kraftwerk Portable Charger Can Charge Your Phone With Lighter Fluid

This latest , insane charger comes at a price, you’ll have to vow a minimum of $100 on its Kickstarter web page if you want your palms to grab one. In spite of everything, that’s $50 cheaper as opposed to its future retail value. Zelleron, the guys behind Kraftwerk, desire to distribute the charger in February 2016, but initial order holders will receive it this December.

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