Most popular rumors lingering around in the gaming industry certainly include the gossip that Konami is internally planning on developing the new Metal Gear Solid project. Reported by magazine, Nikkei and brought into light by Kotaku. These rumors accented since the departure of Video Kojima (supposedly on vacation), to the closure of Kojima productions in Los Angeles

Konami ensures that there will be a new Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 5 Ground Zeros coming to PC on December 18th?

It was expected that the Japanese company would not let Metal Gear dissolved in a simple conflict with one of its employees, let alone after 5 million units sold of The Phantom Pain, although internal problems mentioned by different sources such as the mistreatment of employees.

According to information, a representative of Konami said that “when we start the development stage a large-scale investment will be necessary.”

The development cycles of these games usually last more than two or three years, but it is interesting that we will see the next iteration  of Metal Gear.

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