Death Stranding, a new game under development by Hideo Kojima, the creator of famous Metal of Gear series. The game was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 presentation, along with a short trailer.

Since then, a little was known about the game until last weekend at The Game Awards 2016 when Kojima released a new, 4K trailer of the game, featuring famous Hollywood star, Mads Mikkelsen and the Mexican film director Guillermo del Toro. Starting of the trailer seemed somewhat similar to the previous one, that featured TV actor Norman Reedus holding a baby.

Recently, Mikkelsen appeared in an interview with the Birth.Movies.Death and discussed about his unexpected entrance in Death Stranding. According to him, he only understood some of the stuff told to him by Kojima and not the complete thing. He said;

No, but (laughs), it’s very intricate. I mean, you know (Kojima). He’s a very brilliant man. I mean … the stuff he told me? I only understood some of it.

There was a lot of (mimes being baffled) “What?” I have to see it before I understand. Because with Death Stranding, he’s creating something completely new.

[…] But I also saw the trailer he had done with Norman Reedus, and I thought that was spectacular just from the standpoint of an actor. The emotion, the feeling of it, the sensuality in what he does. Without even being a gamer, I was like, this is crazy, what he’s doing. I loved it.

He further said that capturing for the games is something quite different from doing it for the game, as it requires the characters to act in “super slow-motion” for the games, as compared to the films where its completely the opposite.

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Death Stranding is a PlayStation 4 exclusive game under development planned for release around 2018. According to some analysts, the game will be released for PC as well, after some months. Stay tuned for more updates!