Kingston Technology has announced that during the third quarter of this year (Q3 2021) that it will begin shipping its first overclocking-friendly DDR5 @ 1.1v DRAM memory modules, which will arrive with the launch of the Intel Alder Lake-S processors, which will be the first consumer processors to support this memory.


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Kingston Technology Europe Co LLP, an affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced it has sent overclockable DDR5 modules to its motherboard partners to begin qualification on the next-generation memory platform. Kingston engineered its DDR5 modules with a preset XMP profile but also enabled our motherboard partners to manually adjust the power management integrated circuit (PMIC) beyond the 1.1V DDR5 spec, thus allowing maximum flexibility to overclock. Kingston expects to ship its DDR5 solutions in Q3.

Memory validation requires cooperation of the entire computing ecosystem and Kingston has forged close ties with the leading motherboard manufacturers and chipset makers throughout its 33-year history. This step continues the critical process of bringing leading high-performance and overclockable memory solutions to market later this year.

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