Kingston’s gaming division, HyperX announced an expansion of its family of HyperX Predator DDR4 RAM memory kits with models that reach speeds of 5000 MHz, 5133 MHz and 5333 MHz, being the most curious of all, that the company announced the recommended prices of these modules that only arrive in Dual Chanel kits of 16 GB capacity, so each module is 8 GB.

The 5000 MHz memories offer CL19 latencies and operate with a voltage of 1.55v, while the 5133 and 5333 MHz models share CL20 @ 1.6v latencies. All of them are cooled by a completely black aluminum heatsink without any type of lighting.

“HyperX is pleased to expand its offering with the latest high-speed additions,” said Kristy Ernt, HyperX’s DRAM Business Director. “The new products offer premium components with faster speeds, high performance with maximum reliability and great aesthetics that provide more options for gamers building a new PC.”

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Of course, the price of these HyperX Predator memories is unaffordable, considring that the 16 GB of DDR4 RAM @ 5000 MHz have a recommended price of $ 870; @ 5133 MHz will go on sale for $ 995; and if we want the top-of-the-range model at 5333 MHz, then the price wil be no less than $ 1,245.

HyperX Predator DDR4 High-Speed Detailed Specifications:

Predator DDR4 High-Speed Addition








16GB (Kit of 2)





16GB (Kit of 2)





16GB (Kit of 2)


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