2014 is a good year for gaming with many awesome games coming from many returning franchises, with new games we have never seen before. One such example of game coming form a returning franchise is wastelands which is back again after at least 15 years. So, now in this cyclone of new games you must have forgotten the ”other new” games which are coming and this one is stunningly beautiful.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is going to be Cool

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

WarHorse Studios revealed their hidden beauty or you can call it Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The game was set in medieval Europe in the 15th century and it tells the story of Henry, who is a blacksmith after his family was murdered, he set out on a quest to get revenge and to bring a rightful king to the throne. Now, I can tell from the look of the trailer the game looks awfully awesome. Now, I bet you want to play the game, because if you want don’t worry, there will be an alpha version available from October 22 this year.

Well, when you get the alpha version you can’t have access to combat or horse Riding, but you will only look at the beautiful world of Deliverance. I don’t know about you guys, but even if we will have no access to combat or horse riding the graphics are enough to make my stomach full. The developers are not worried about the lack of action in the game but they said that the graphics are enough and the fantastic environments with the designing of the smallest of details.

So, prepare to get your hands on the alpha version in 22nd of October, 2014 on PC. The game will also have a full release on 2015 for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

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