Last month, one of the most famous torrent site Kickass torrents was shut down, with the owner Artem Vaulin being arrested by the authorities in Poland. A couple of weeks later, another popular torrent search engine was also closed, leaving pirates in a cold summer.

Soon after these top two torrent sites going down, most of the internet users and especially pirates were noticed disappointed and started looking for some other torrent sites and mirrors of the closed ones.

A most popular mirror of the KickassTorrents, the being made available by the cloners soon after the original site was shut down. The popular mirror was then taken down after the complaint lodged by Hollywood’s Motion picture. However, recently, the mirror is back again, and apparently trying to steal the information of users’ credit cards.

kickasstorrents scam

According to the HackRead, this mirror seems to be run by some scammers as it requires the financial details of the users. The mirror appears to be very close to the original KickassTorrents website and while download a torrent, a free sign up pop-up appears, which leads users to a page that asks details of their credit cards. Also, the close mirror doesn’t use two-factor authentication during the sign-up process which was adopted by the original domain.

Torrent users are asked not sign-up or provide such details which may cost them more than a free torrent. Stay tuned for more updates!

Via: HackRead

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