Since the earlier Richland APUs were well know for massive overclocking potential, let’s see what Kaveri APUs have up their sleeves. Based on Bulldozer CPU cores, they should be OC friendly and can attain high over-clocks too.


Thoughs about the A10-7850K

AMD stuck to their tested and tried 28nm nodes for the next APU architecture preceding Richland, Kaveri. We found out that the stock frequency of the flagship APU (3.7 GHz), the A10-7850K was not very high and even the boost (4.0 GHz) wasn’t that impressive considering it was the flagship chip of this generation of APU. But as mentioned above, being based on Bulldozer CPU micro-architecture does give it an edge when it comes to over-clocking and it is even essential to get most out of your flagship chip.

OC records for A10-7850K

APU A10-7850K OC
APU A10-7850K OC

Tested by ace over-clockers, A10-7850K stands strong at 5.5 GHz + OC and reached 5.8 GHz (actually 5812.9 MHz) which was a record for this APU made by a Taiwanese OC guru “GASBK_TW” but we were quite stunned when “DFORDOG” pushed it even further when we thought that it was the limit of that chip, a massive OC of 6136.91 MHz was achieved by the OC pro.

The  modus operandi

The record was set using a MSI A88X-G45 Gaming series board which uses Military Class 4 components to offer top notch quality and stability at extreme conditions. The player only utilized a single core and set the FSB to 118.02 MHz, Multiplier was set to 52x, but only 1.3V (actual 1.368V) was the potential reading in CPU-Z.

What’s next? A 10 GHz OC?

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