The new gameplay trailer for Just Cause 3 present at the Tokyo Game Show is chaotic as expected. According to accompanying the images as we believe that the narrator discusses the new and old skills of Rico, including getting on the roof of a vehicle to continue the chaos, tying chain several vehicles, the possibility of blowing things up a multitude of ways, the always useful grapple hook, and the new wing-suit, which will allow us to plan the air of seeking to overthrow this tyranny.

Just Cause 3 –  Trailer from TGS 2015


The trailer lasts almost five minutes, and it has showcased the wonderful capabilities of the graphics engine of Avalanche, which has given such good results in the recent release of Mad Max.

Just Cause 3 will arrive on December 1 to the PC platform. With the work they did on the licensed Avalanche game for Warner Bros. We don’t have less than high expectations for this new title.