Digital Foundry brings an interesting comparison today, in the new battle we confront the performance of AMD Radeon R9 380 against NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 and AMD processor against one of Intel in Just Cause 3, the popular sandbox was released a few days ago and thanks to its huge open world, you get to squeeze the hardware and reveal which option is the right one for the game. 

Just Cause 3: R9 380 vs GTX 960 & Core i5-4690K vs FX-8350


From the above video first comparison is between NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 against AMD Radeon R9 380. Little to discuss here, as it is known beforehand that the choice of AMD is much recommended to the ratio of price / performance that evident in the Just Cause 3, but Gameworks seems to effect the AMD more during explosions, makes perfect sense.

At the 2:15  minute, we can see the comparison between Intel Core i5-4690K (224$) with the AMD FX-8350 (169$) and one can clearly judge a less stable and lower rameratesf. Unfortunately, these tests are in the summarized air area with many explosions (GameWorks), which is a specific mission, and not in a real environment to check its performance boost.

Just Cause 3

Undoubtedly, a comparatively short and lagoons, but comes to show that there is a big gap for the extra performance is represented.

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