The folks at Digital Foundry bring us a new graphics and performance expected comparison of Just Cause 3, where we can see a comparison of the budget gaming PC based on Intel Core i3-4130 with a GeForce GTX 750 Ti faced with the new generation consoles, the PlayStation 4 (1080p) and the  Xbox One (900p).

Just Cause 3: PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC


As you would expect, the PC version offers a slightly improved graphics, and all this with a very stable frame rate to 30 FPS, watching performance drops during big explosions or high-action moments, something that also happens in the consoles.


If we focus on consoles, the version of the PlayStation 4 won out in terms of performance, but the 1080p graphics represent some improvement? As you can see above, depending on the environment as we see some improvements on the ground or shadows, although in the motion differences are almost impossible to visualize.

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