The game Just Cause 3 was announced late last year. Since then, Avalanche Studios have given us some residual information – we know first of all that the world will be much bigger than JC2 in size and also much richer, but at the time of release you will feel the lacking of multiplayer mode. The game will also support mods for PC. We have also seen lots of screenshots galleries revealed by Avalanche Studios – beautiful and explosive.  But today developers have decided to publish the first forerunner.

Just Cause 3 takes the player in the Mediterranean, where your task is to overthrow the reigning dictator Di Ravello. This series focuses primarily on the action. This is the “top three” and we hope that the gentlemen of the Avalanche would not disappoint us.

The first trailer for the game Just Cause 3 is called Firestarter and I must admit that it is quite unusual. On the other hand, perfectly reflect the atmosphere of the series – a chaotic and explosive. Again, we find a Rico Rodriguez, our main character and even has the opportunity to see what is going on in his mind. See for yourself:


The trailer also reveals that the launch of the game to be expected at the end of this year. Whereas the target platforms are personal computers and consoles PS4 and Xbox One. Now we just have to wait for the first gameplay.

Source: Cenega, Softpedia

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