Bethesda recently announced its plans that they are bringing mods to console world starting with DOOM and Fallout 4. Avalanche studios the Dev team behind the Just Cause 3 is working out to make game as much open as they can, in order to provide  super modding capabilities in game. Even on consoles.

At Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 which was held around a month back, Just Cause 3 Director, Roland Lesterlin said that their studio is trying to expand game mod availability.

Lesterlin live @Gamespot said: “We’ve been wanting to do quite a lot of that stuff for awhile”, referring to bringing mods to consoles.

While it is something the studio is looking into, it is not announcing anything there yet” but rather in general, the studio needs to bolster mods as much as possible Generally, mods have been extremely PC-driven right now but soon we will be able to see same modding experience on consoles as well.

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