Today there is a war of new gameplay videos in the gaming industry. First, we saw a gameplay video of Tomb Raider with 27 minutes presented by IGN, then we saw 2 full hours of the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate from the final version, and now Polygon delight us with 40 minutes of Just Cause 3 gameplay video.

Just Cause 3 – New PC Gameplay Video


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The graphic quality we can say that is somewhat higher than expected, not bad for this open world title, that has never been remembered for its graphic boast, but falls short. The gameplay is frantic as always, perfect, except that we can now break down walls, we will be able to shoot out of the ground using a parachute, or use the new wings attached to the body to plan and travel great distances in a short time. This and much more you have it in the above video.

In this particular case it should be noted that this is the PC version is running at 60 frames per second, so we know exactly what we will have by the time we start the game.

More than a few jolts of the draw distance and levels of detail, Just Cause 3 seems to exceed all expectations.

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