If there’s something every video game genre has in common, it’s action. The style and quality of it defines how immersive and fun a title is. But developers also aim for originality, new dynamic combinations of combat, visuals and storytelling. The recently released John Wick Hex is a good example of what video game design can come up with to stand out from the masses of action-packed entertainment. In fact, looking at different kinds of popular gameplay makes it easier to see why engaging and active stories leave the best impressions. But, first, let’s talk about the infamous hitman’s latest escapade.

John Wick Hex Details

Developed by Mike Bithell Games Limited and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, the PC and Mac versions of John Wick Hex arrived in October 2019. And now PS4 users have the chance to experience a unique, if imperfect, adaptation of Keanu Reeves’s fast-action shoot ‘em up films. The first fact to point out is its turn-based strategy format, making combat sequences a matter of carefully planned moves and choices. That is largely considered one of the title’s strongest qualities, its interesting storyline and graphic noir visuals being other perks to look forward to. Unfortunately, various glitches and a monotonous progression get in the way of an otherwise promising vision.

Despite its flaws, John Wick Hex effectively incorporates strategic combat. Instead of depending entirely on guns, the video game challenges players to use different tactics to take down harder opponents. Realistic representations of combat are something gamers always appreciate, among other winning features of active entertainment.

Immersive Atmosphere

Two key ingredients of a great adventure are design and atmosphere. They draw players into the story, while fluid action makes sure they don’t get bored. This is a winning combination for any genre, but especially titles heavily dependent on combat. Wasteland 3 by InXile Entertainment is an RPG set for release in August 2020. Once again, strategy is essential for defeating more and more challenging opponents, while surviving a harsh climate and building your base. High-end graphics create a convincing world that makes the gameplay even better.

But it’s not just video games that benefit from products of an engaging style. Think about tabletop entertainment too. Would Boss Monster by Brotherwise Games amuse as much without the cards’ detailed classic platformer look and intriguing storyline? Getting to build your evil forces and defeat puny heroes puts a fun new spin on traditional rules, which is enough to motivate players into embracing the imaginative action.

Returning to digital entertainment, the simplest formats can provide hours of fun through clever, atmospheric design. For example, the Hitman slot game on Betway Casino creates a stimulating, exciting and familiar online gambling experience, by enhancing the familiar 5-reel layout with high-quality colours, symbols and animations reminiscent of Agent 47.

This seemingly straightforward strategy is utilised especially effectively in the online gambling industry, with many online slots utilising existing motifs and aesthetics from pre-existing media, in order to create a fresh and innovative product. The Hitman slot is no exception, with fans of the original character, and the overarching genre that engulfs franchises like John Wick, finding the innovations of the online slot industry to be welcome editions to the genre.

Intricate Yet Fluid Action

Creating a gameplay that is natural and adaptable to each unique player’s style is a major step towards winning experienced gamers’ approval. A title we have all been waiting for – and which should hit the spot when it comes to immersive action – is The Last of Us Part II, finally arriving in June. Apart from a compatibility with most gaming systems, the survival story is reportedly set over stealthy, strategic action. This all means that every player, whether on PC or console, will have to put their wits and skills to the test. An engaging structure that makes you feel proud every step of the way.

So far, we’ve looked at games that focus more on guns than melee. But what about sword-fighting combat? Such systems can be far more complicated, especially when developers do their homework and intend the gameplay to be realistic and difficult. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the best example of historical loyalty that takes time and focus to master. If you want to survive each battle, not to mention the whole game, you’ve got to learn medieval sword-fighting and tactics, from parrying to a 30-point target system that enables you create opening in an opponent’s defence.

Freedom of choice is a final feature that affects how enjoyable a game is. The more you can customize the main character and story’s progress, the more appealing the overall action will be too. That’s where open-world RPGs dominate. CD Projekt Red’s upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 is said to rival The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in size and complexity. If it delivers what it promises in September, this project will demonstrate that, after all, it’s not just up to a game’s combat system to hook players’ attention. The world it takes place in can make or break the experience.

Games with the best ratings are those that deliver smooth, realistic and intriguing action, which can involve overall user experience of the story as well as its combat. With the right combination of originality, atmosphere, performance and freedom, the simplest entertainment can shine from within a clearly competitive industry.

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