Microsoft revealed the slimmer version of its current gen console, the Xbox One S last year which is capable of upscaling titles at 4K output and also running Blu-Ray disks.

But things have turned around in Sony’s home ground Japan where some retailers including a popular electronic retail store Bic Camera is selling the console as an Ultra HD Blu-Ray player for about 27,750 yen (around $270). Interestingly, the advertisement mentions that it is going ‘super cheap’ and the device can also play video games.

We all know that Japan is the home ground for Microsoft’s rival in console gaming industry, Sony and is one major source of success for the company. While Microsoft struggles to enhance its console business in the past and currently, they are trying to gain market as the Xbox head Phil Spencer announced that there will be more Japanese titles for the console in the coming future.

It was initially highlighted by Gajinhunter, a Japanese game producer on Twitter where he shared some images.

It seems that Microsoft will need to improve its marketing strategy and seriously work on Japanese titles to gain some share in Sony’s home ground. The company has been struggling in the current-gen console war against Sony since the launch of Xbox One back in 2013 as the sales of PlayStation 4 are far ahead.

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Some reports suggest that the Microsoft has stopped producing the original Xbox One and currently working on the slimmer edition and the upgraded 4K capable console which is scheduled for release this November.

However, Microsoft will have to face the challenge in mid-cycle console up-gradation as the PS4 Pro was released last year and currently available for around $400, while the One X features more compute power with 6 Teraflops and will be available for $500.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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