You might have seen lots of HDMI to VGA cable adapter, but the VGA to HDMI adapter have you seen it? Now the Japanese manufacturer SANWA SUPPLY is finally on its implementation as old computers are not equipped with an HDMI port, but now no need to worry.


This model adapter is “400-VGA008” (VGA to HDMI) VGA signal can be converted to HDMI signal, but also a 3.5mm audio input interface, allowing HDMI port along with the audio output, this adapter is very small, the volume is only 72 * 41 * 28mm, weight 120g, can be directly plugged into the computer’s VGA port to use, you need to plug in the USB to power, mainly for those notebooks useless HDMI connectors to connect a high-definition projector or monitor / TV being used.

There is also a model for the “400-VGA007” HDMI to VGA adapter, which is to monitor the end use of the VGA port into an HDMI port.

Both adapter accessories are a VGA extension cable, a USB power supply line and a 3.5mm audio cable, priced at $49 USD (including tax).