Admittedly, the Japanese become very rare, especially when we learned that there novelty is a (set in an amusement park) hotel that has the distinction of being almost exclusively run by robots for the sole reason of reducing cost and implement the latest technologies, the curious thing about all this is that these robots have the appearance of dinosaurs (Robot Dinosaurs).

Japan Already Has A Hotel Run By Robots, Robot Dinosaurs


Strange hotel (‘Hotel Henn na’ in Japanese) is preparing to open its doors on Friday for visitors located in the amusement park in the city of Sasebo in southwestern Japan, reports the American newspaper “New York Post . His great innovation: the establishment is run almost exclusively by machines. The future has arrived, at least in the always quirky Japan.

The Strange Hotel (Henn na Hotel in Japanese), has made availability service for 24 hours, which is accompanied by his boss, an android woman serving Japanese speaking visitors. Now the company is planning out a similar hotel abroad. Meanwhile, their robots are learning other languages ​​such as Chinese and corenao. Of course, the price of the hotel is quite cheap, from 67 euros a night per couple for the cheapest room up to 104 euros for the most expensive, which is significantly cheaper than other hotels in the park.

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