Although PC players probably never forgive the company Ubisoft lowering the quality of graphics in Watch Dogs, we must admit that the game itself really was not bad. If you liked that game, you might be interested in this news. Working in a French studio Julien Risse, perhaps unintentionally, he confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 is already formed – put the title (next to the first views and extensions Bad Blood) in his online CV on LinkedIn.

It seems that Watch Dogs 2 is already Developed

Watch Dogs multiplayer
Watch Dogs multiplayer

Studio creative director Jonathan Morin, also had already commented on this, as in his view should look like a continuation. First of all, it has to make a lot of freshness – the point is to avoid a situation known even with Assassin’s Creed. Among these “news” to find out the elements that will eventually not included in the first part of the series. – “We want to find new ways to attract players,” – said Morin. 

“We’re at that stage now. We’re trying crazy stuff. We’re trying not to fall into that trap of, ‘Oh, we’ve tried that in the past, it’s not going to work’,” said Morin. “That’s the main trap – that’s the barriers you can put in your mind, when you start having a franchise.”

On the other hand, Jonathan also indirectly confirmed the existence of Watchdog 2, he said that the development team began when up to five and a half years of development work after the holidays and some elements of the imagination has begun to appear in the mind, and these elements are also being added to the sequel.

However, the introduction of the sequel will be difficult and full of stress, the development team faced a tougher challenge, because the new work is painted on a piece of paper what you want, but the sequel will need to push the brand further and also to find ways to continue to attract players, for which they also spent a lot of time to collect the players’ advice on the forum.

Last year, a few words on this topic also said by Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. We have concluded that it is not impossible that in the continuation game Watch Dogs take over control of another hero. Aiden Pearce fell because not everyone liked, and that’s because it was very clear and it was difficult to identify with him. Perhaps we will have to deal with the protagonist.


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