At last, the iPhone 7 has been announced. Are you planning to buy the new iPhone 7  in the shiny new Jet Black color?  If yes, then you might want to read this and reconsider your options, once more, before finally setting your mind.

Is the iPhone 7 as good as Apple says it is?

Apple iPhone 7


Apple has been known for producing game changing mobiles, the iPhones. Every year Apple releases a new smartphone, and this year it released the majestic iPhone 7. Despite what people say, that it lacks a headphone jack, they forget the pros’ of the device and continuously criticize Apple for removing it. However, its not a flawless device as it has some cons as well, which we will be discussing later on.
The design of the iPhone 7 is a much of a letdown it looks more like a remake of the iPod 6. It is available in 5 colors including the new jet black color. It comprises of the new A10 chip the successor to the iPhone 6S’s A9 chip. It consists of an outstanding  12 MP camera that supports 4K video recording @30 FPS. It comes with a new touch sensitive home button with a built in fingerprint sensor. It’s even waterproof! It is a phone we all would want.


  • 4K Recording Supported
  • Waterproof
  • Latest iOS 10
  • Touch Sensitive Home Button
  • 4 LED Flash
  • Face Recognition
  • 2 Hours longer battery life than the 6S
  • HD Speakers
  • Wireless Headphones

But then there are the downsides of this phone.


  • No Headphone Jack
  • No use for dual cameras(7 Plus)
  • Terrible Design
  • Heavier than its Predecessor
  • Can not use the home button with gloves
  • Easily breakable
  • Very Expensive $649
  • Wireless Headphones have small battery life
  • Produces terrible noise under load

The iPhone 7 is an outrageous phone. As for the Wired Headphone support, you could always buy a third party connector for a few bucks. However, in my opinion, there is no point in having such a fast CPU when you can’t download anything from the browser. All games are well optimized for iOS so even an iPhone 4S can run all the intensive games smoothly, which is why an expensive chip has no point in an iPhone. So should you upgrade to the iPhone 7? Is it really worth $649…….. If you own an iPhone 6/6S the answer is no. There is no use in dumping your iPhone 6 and spending a bomb on a new iPhone 7 just to get a waterproof phone and minor improvements. BUT, if you own an older phone, then its worth upgrading. But in the end the only boss of you is you. So it’s really your choice

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