Pokemon Go, soon after its release turned out to be a game changers for the developers due to its massive success throughout the globe. It also managed to break many records such as the most downloaded app on the Apple app store and first app to cross 50 million mark on the Google play store within 19 days.

Iran Bans Pokemon Go Due to Security Concerns

However, the game also became the part of certain controversies and criticism related to several issues of safety and security concerns. Pokemon Go players from different parts of the world faced a difficult situation such as found a dead body, trespassing private property, almost meeting an accident and the list goes on.

And recently, Government agency of monitoring High Council of Virtual Spaces of Iran decided to ban the game officially in the country due to some unspecified security concerns. The official body tried to discuss the issues with the developer Niantic Lab before making any decision, but seems that things didn’t go well between the two of them.


Iran becomes the first country to ban the most popular game of this time, Pokemon Go. However, some of the players on the social media are still playing the game despite the ban. Stay tuned for more updates!

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