Today is the day to see a new line of iPhone smartphones from Apple, where the biggest changes will come with the iPhone X / iPhone 8, which would highlight that they have not included a fingerprint reader in the front due to the design (bezel-less gorgeous screen). So, everything will be limited to the 3D recognition of the face as a security method.

Apart from iPhone X / iPhone 8, there would iPhone 7s with the same SoC, the Apple A11, accompanied by 2 GB of RAM that gives life to an HD + screen of 1334 x 750 pixels, while the iPhone 7s Plus would have 3 GB of RAM.

Additionally, Apple will also announce a new Apple TV 4K with 4K HDR content support, and a new Apple Watch watch with 4G LTE connectivity. Nothing new is expected in the segment of tablets, laptops and desktops. You can watch a live stream of Apple Special Event 2017 on YouTube or Windows 10 Microsoft Edge browser on this link.