Today we are discussing about a bug which results in iPhone to crash by sending just a text message which are offensive for a user having an iPhone. Now another serious problem which iPhone is crashing Twitter as well as Snap chat.

The iPhone is crashing when they get a text message consists of characters like, Arabic, Chinese and Marathi. However, as the Guardian recognizes that the issue is not limited to text messages, rather when you send the messages over twitter to another person will result in crash too. Seriously this is very dismal for Apple reputation.

Snapchat is also crashing several time when receiving a snap. The problems are occurring with social media applications

Apple have identified the problem, and promised that they will fix it up very soon. There is a temporary fix launched too. Apple apologized to their users and stated to fix everything up very soon. They know how frustrating this bug is.

A few iPhone users have reported that WhatsApp is also behaving the same way. Rest games and other applications are working fine.

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